How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself

In this article, I will share with you 14 practical ways on how to find Inner Peace and happiness within yourself.

Because we all have been in a phase in our life where we have to struggle with internal and external disorders and confusion.

Stress, negative emotions, and overthinking are just some of the things that make us mad, irritated, and aggressive.

You and I both know how massive and draining life can be. In such a life, we know how difficult it is to find silence and peace.

But don’t worry.

I am here to provide you with my several tried and approved techniques that you can use to reorganize or refresh your mind and also give you the best tips for finding inner peace and happiness. I also have some amazing strategies that would bring you immediate relief and that would be free of cost.

But before we go into those essential ways, first you have to know “What is Inner Peace?” and why is inner peace important for our life.

Hope you have gone through with these and, now you are ready for the ways how to find inner peace.

How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness within Yourself

Now let’s begin our feet towards the amazing ways of finding inner peace.

“Simplification of life is one of the main step towards finding inner peace and Constant simplification will create inner and outer goodness or, peace that brings harmony to one’s life.”

Inner Peace (Peace of Mind) Buddha

Here are 14 tips on how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself:-

1. Find Inner Peace – Spend your time with Nature.

With nature, I do not mean to say to go to a national park or a rural location far from city life. I am only referring to nature as an environment that has birds, trees, no crowd, stillness, and silence.

There is something peaceful about spending time with nature (birds and trees).

In my opinion, Nature should be the first priority of all because it is nature that neither ignore nor argue with us and does not make us feel guilty for our mistakes, and also does not misunderstand us.

You will not find all these specialties anywhere else. That’s why I always prioritize nature above all.

Nature is Priceless

2. Find Inner Peace – Eat your heart out.

Sometimes hunger will be the main cause of stress that turns into aggression, irritation. You might not realize how bad you feel because you’re so used to it.

Whenever I am under stress, I always eat my favorite food until my heart gets filled. But overwriting can be harmful to our health, So I always keep this in mind.

Because when we eat wholeheartedly, then some good enzymes come out of our body, which reduces our stress and provides us peace and happiness. You should also try this technique.

3. Find Inner Peace – Always try to focus on those things that you can control.

There are many things in this world over which we do not have any control over them, but we start trying to control them, but when we can’t do that, this will turn into stress, irritation, aggression. So, always try to ignore them.

By ignoring the problems, I do not mean to say to stop facing problems, I just want to say that you should not try those hard problems, again and again, that is out of your control or not much matters in your life.

4. Find Inner Peace – Do not make the issues bigger than they are.

Sometimes fussing over shitty or nonsense things can create a lot of unnecessary stress for you. Try not to make the issues bigger than they really are.

When I feel that I am facing a major disaster, I always ask myself “Will this problem affect me after 5 years, or Will it really matter to me after 5 years”. Answering these simple questions will help me in seeing the bigger picture.

Most of the time, we are the ones who are making things worse – even when they are just manipulating matters.

5. Find Inner Peace – Try to relax.

You need to relax. Try to take deep breaths when under stress because that helps in releasing tension. In many cases, this will work in finding inner peace.

But if this did not work for you then try another technique that works for you. Maybe a workout or a long walk will help you to regain your inner strength. Or it could be yoga, watching movies, meditation, music, or can go for swimming, and sometimes inner peace tattoo works great for some people in achieving peace of mind.

“The key is to find that thing or method and then apply it in your life.”

6. Find Inner Peace – Do exercises on a regular basis.

Have you ever noticed how great you feel after doing the gym? Exercise feels amazing, and we feel great about ourselves for doing it.

Exercising diverts our attention from all the other shitty and, useless things that help in reorganizing or refresh our minds.

Exercise is not only good for the body but also for your mind that in turn helps you to gain inner happiness and internal satisfaction.

7. Finding Inner Peace – Try to do meditation.

If you want to experience Inner Peace (Peace of Mind) in your life, then there aren’t any better tips or ways than by doing meditation.


Because meditation is calming. Meditation helps you in finding peace of mind and become more aware of your current situation or reality without feeling emotionally entangled or reacting to it. Also, look at how Buddhism meditation helps in finding inner calm.

“Meditation helps us to see our life and its challenges more accurately.”

When you doing or practicing meditation, you not only learn to observe things but also learn to accept them.

In other words, you need to learn how to sit with yourself, observe your thoughts, and stop attaching to your feelings and emotions.

What’s the problem with Meditation?

Meditation isn’t easy. Look at the ways and practices of Zen Buddhism meditation for inner calm.

In today’s era, we’ve grown up thinking millions of different things at a time i.e our mind is not still and we never stop to sit with ourselves.

So first, we have to find a peaceful or silent place to meditate and set our minds to do meditate calmly.

Meditation is the key to Happiness

8. Find Inner Peace – You need to set your own boundaries.

Most of the time, overthinking will become the main factor of stress, we get busy because we don’t know what is our maximum limit to tackle any problem. And if we do not get success even after working for a long time, then we become irritated and this will give us stress.

So stop doing at least some work, things that honestly do not matter very much to you.

By the way, you can reduce it when you actually know when and how to stop yourself by doing that useless or, nonsense thing or work – especially when you already know that it doesn’t matter very much to your life.

For example,

“If you use social media only to check out new gossips in the city, you can set a limit to it for how often you check it. Because when you know that you have wasted a lot of your precious time watching some shitty or nonsense videos or gossips, then you become frustrated and your stress will increase.”

“It is necessary to set your limits.”

The time you use to browse or watch your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed, would be better if you spend that time on your self-improvement.

9. Finding Inner Peace – Always try to do Good Deeds.

Sometimes this will be a great way to divert your attention away from your own problems.

When you do good deeds, you feel inner happiness and it also makes you more aware that other people are struggling.

When you help someone, then you realize that this world is full of problems and has many big problems, in front of which your problems are nothing. This will help you in dealing with your problems and will also help in reducing stress.

10. Find Inner Peace – Always try to focus on the good memories.

Sometimes, we get stuck on bad memories instead of the good ones.

Maybe you also have experienced some failure in the past, but I always remind myself how strong I am that I endured such a huge problem and you also need to remind yourself that you are strong.

Only those who have the guts and ability to solve the problem get a lot of trouble.

One way is to apply selective memory to your life by focusing on good memories. If You got strength once; I am sure you will find it again.

11. Finding Inner Peace – Do not try to change others.

You will get as much success if you try to change yourself and not others.

Changing oneself is quite difficult. How would you ever manage to change someone else?

It is more important to take care of yourself mentally and physically rather than to focus on someone else.

Eat properly, do meditation, yoga, and exercises regularly, and be true to yourself that helps you in finding peace of mind within you. There is no need to make other people happy. Be confident and keep your life in control. Avoid chasing those things that society has considered important.

All the achievements of the world can never replace inner peace.

Decide and do for yourself and live life as you want to live.

12. Finding Inner Peace – Try to ask instead of guessing.

Sometimes, assumptions become the main cause of your stress.

It’s really impossible to read someone’s mind. But we still try it and as a result, this will create concern, uncertainty, and misguided conclusions to ourselves.

So try to ask and communicate instead of guessing and assuming. Sometimes it may be a little difficult at first but this will save you from the headache of trying to analyze every action.

13. Finding Inner Peace – Try to take a break.

From the break, it doesn’t mean to quit the job or, leave the problems behind.

This only means that you are going to recharge or, refresh yourself and there are many ways to do this. To do this you can travel, watch your favorite movie, by listening to music for finding inner happiness.

14. Finding Inner Peace – Do not try to become a multitasker.

Sometimes multitasking can give stress to you. However, doing one thing at a time will keep you more focused and calm.

This mantra will guide you through your day and help you to complete your work in a better and faster way.

I know that multitasking helps us to finish our work quickly and also makes us mentally strong and sharp. But multitasking is not always good for our mental health.

Therefore, try to avoid doing multitasking work for a long time.


If you want happiness, you need inner peace because both of them are closely related. Now if you cannot find inner peace within you, you will not find it anywhere else. But you may also try to get some suggestions on the site.

Because we have provided our well-tried and approved techniques on how to find Inner Peace and Happiness within yourself that can really help you to reorganize or refresh your mind and also help in achieving Peace of Mind and strength.

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