Peace Was Never An Option

Peace was never an option. Peace was only an excuse. Peace wasn’t his dream but just a necessary means to an end. Peace is what he would allow in order to gain power, in order to destroy the oppression that has held him captive for many years, and in order to finally be free. Peace, liberty, or death. We all knew these words by heart even when we were young children because they were the code of every X-Man ever since Xavier founded this school where I met my wife-to-be; where my baby girl was born; where I met Magneto himself for the first time back then when he came here as Dr. Xavier’s student under false pretenses, not unlike myself.

Peace Was Never An Option Goose Meme
Peace Was Never An Option Goose Meme

Peace Was Never An Option Meme – Origin

Looking back at the past, it’s almost ironic to see how much I hated Magneto because he represented everything that I wanted to be but was not allowed to become. He grew up poor just like me; without parents; without guidance; with nothing more than hatred for his oppressors by which he swore vengeance on all humans. And yet Magneto took fate into his own hands and became stronger than any of us could ever dream of being.

This is what I could never understand about him until now: why did he allow himself to fall into depression after Auschwitz? Why did he take the easy way out by making excuses instead of fighting harder? What would have happened Dr. Xavier never recruited him as his first student after the war? How much stronger would he have become if Dr. Xavier’s guidance had helped him to control his powers instead of suppressing them? Who knows, maybe Magneto never needed to be saved by us all those years ago. Maybe he was already strong enough to save himself.

Again I find myself asking these questions because it seems that history repeats itself over and over again with no end in sight until now because once again fate has given me a second chance at life, but this time it has done so by giving me absolute power which means absolute responsibility. And yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking: I’ve seen how Magneto uses his power; I’ve heard all your arguments about why we cannot trust him.

You’re right that he will do anything to save his own skin, but you don’t understand the intensity of hatred I felt for him back when I was young which is why I can never become anything like Magneto. Yes, you have a point that Magneto has been fighting longer than anyone else here on this island, but that’s exactly why we need him as a symbol of what we as X-Men stand for: the very past from which Dr. Xavier wanted us to break free because it’s not right to judge all humans by the actions of some madmen who committed mass genocide just because they happened to be born with special powers. It wasn’t their fault they were treated differently at birth and hated simply because people feared them.

Peace Was Never An Option Goose

Peace was never an option for me either. Peace is only the ultimate goal of weak people who are not strong enough to follow their own destiny. Inner peace can be obtained, but securing peace means sacrificing power which is something that I cannot agree with at any cost. Peace isn’t fun or fulfilling because it’s not real satisfaction; it’s only temporary relief from stress, anxiety, and fear of life itself.

Peace is what you seek if you’re tired of fighting even though he who surrenders control will never know true happiness again. That’s why peace wasn’t an option for my wife-to-be back when she had the chance to choose between her birth family and her husband after WWII because peace without love would have killed her spirit and turned her into a bitter old woman while she was still young.

Peace wasn’t an option for Magneto either because it would have destroyed his soul had he chosen to abandon his principles and embrace humanity just like I never could simply because I grew up with hatred in my heart and only discovered love later on when I met my wife-to-be after the war which is why we traveled all over the world just so we could meet more people who were born different from others but chose to live an honest life instead of hiding their true selves underneath masks of false pretenses simply because they feared persecution.

Peace Was Never An Option Meme

Even if peace was never an option meme for me, I must confess that at some point during my travels around the world I did lose hope of a better future which is why I came back to Israel and joined the army. Oh yes, you heard that correctly: one of the most wanted terrorists in the world who nearly single-handedly started WWIII by infecting John F. Kennedy with a virus when he refused to follow his vision simply joined an Israeli military unit in order to destroy its enemies from within because peace has been unattainable for so long thanks to so many different conflicts going on all over this tiny piece of land that they call home.

The truth is that I didn’t join the army in order to kill innocent human beings, but I did it because peace was never an option duck for me which is why peace talks have been going on for so long without resolution. Peace might be a wonderful concept in theory, but peace through war is something that is far more likely to bring about lasting peace of mind quotes since the only peace agreements that managed to last over time were peace treaties based on unconditional surrender and humiliation of an enemy by forcing them to give up land which is exactly what happened after WWII when the Palestinians lost 78% of their original homeland back when they tried to rebel against my country’s occupation.

Peace Was Never an Option Goose Meme

When peace negotiations fail, it becomes nothing more than wishful thinking while peace talks become exercises in futility simply because no one has succeeded at reaching lasting peace by talking about it until it becomes a distant memory of a time when peace talks were so much more than peace negotiations.

When peace negotiations fail, war is the only alternative that remains and war means people dying because peace was never an option goose meme or duck meme for anyone in this tiny piece of land which is why everyone keeps fighting over it since the dawn of civilization when man created God to find meaning in his existence and justify all the horrible things he’s done throughout history.

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